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What Valuable Information is Revealed in The Complete Ear Prompter Book?
How 23 of the top ear prompter performers and teachers got started using the ear prompter.

18 profitable reasons you should learn to use the ear prompter.

Every type of acting job that is perfect for the ear prompter and how the ear prompter can make you better at each one of them.

The components of the ear prompter system and how they work.

Where to buy ear prompter equipment.

The most effective technique to use the ear prompter in any acting situation without anyone knowing you’re using it.

How to set yourself apart from the competition in any audition.

How to prepare for a job if you’ll be using an ear prompter.

How to use the ear prompter for dialogue and co-hosting jobs.

The most effective proven ways to practice the ear prompter for best results in the least amount of time.

How to avoid any possible problems that could arise when using the ear prompter.

  • Infomercial Narration

  • Spokesperson

  • Dialogue and Co-Hosting

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Hosting

  • Commercials

  • Auctioneering

  • Special Events

  • Weddings

  • Memorial Services

  • Foreign Language Presentations
Here’s what you’ll learn…
When you’re learning something new it’s always a good idea to get advice from an expert.  Well, what if you could get advice from 23 of the best ear prompter talent and teachers in the business?

This book gives you that and more! 

A total of over 250 combined years of ear prompter experience has come together to tell you everything you need to know to get started with and become proficient with the ear prompter.
The best advice from the best in the business.

More and more actors are discovering how much money there is to be made doing Trade Show and Convention Presentations.  These presentations are often long technical scripts that must be delivered exactly as written.  Last minute script changes are also common.

The Ear Prompter makes these difficult jobs EASY!
What is the Ear Prompter?

The ear prompter is a simple, electronic system that allows you to record your script, play it back through a miniature ear piece and repeat your lines as you hear them.
Money Back Guarantee:

If you aren’t completely convinced that this book can put you on the road to making more money as an actor or speaking professional by learning  to use the ear prompter within the next 60 days… I will buy back this book on the spot… no questions asked! ---- Dennis Martin, actor/author
Your Satisfaction Is Absolutely Guaranteed!
While learning lines has never been a problem for me, I’d rather spend my time on my craft and not worrying about memorizing the exact technical specifications of some gizmo. The ear prompter frees you up to be yourself while talking about some very complex technical ideas.

---Diana Jellinek
There’s nothing better than the ear prompter when you have a lot of copy that might change at a moment’s notice.
---Kimberly Stanphill

Imagine the confidence you’ll have when you master the ear prompter.
With the ear prompter you can do things you’re not able to do with a teleprompter.  I always notice when hosts are reading teleprompters because their eyes track the lines across the screen.
---Jeff Wilson
If you can use an ear prompter well, you will literally dazzle clients, and you will make many fast friends among producers, who will see you as the ‘go to’ person to make productions go more smoothly and quickly. 
---Jeff Wilson
With proper training and a little practice, it's easy for anyone to learn.
No doubt about the fact that you get better jobs being proficient with the ear prompter.  You are a specialist with a skill that is important to your clients.

---Jon Bouvier
From my experience, being trained as an ear prompter expert means making more money as an actor.  Using the ear has opened doors for me and has really led me to creating a niche and offering a specialty service within the industry.

---Amy McWhirter
"Wow!  What an incredibly comprehensive book.
    Very impressive."
--- Lise Dominique
Get Better Paying Jobs!
It's time for you to start making the money ear prompter proficient actors are making!
No More Memorizing!
No more panic due to last minute script changes!
Never Forget Your Lines!
With the ear prompter, you don't have to worry that you might forget a word or two.  This allows you to focus your acting, timing and hitting your marks.  You'll be more comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to be more in the moment.
Don't waste another moment.  You can get started on your way to more and better paying acting jobs right now!
Just take a look at the actual Table of Contents from this amazing e-book.
Table of Contents


Chapter One:  What’s So Great About The Ear Prompter?
All the reasons you should learn to effectively use the ear prompter

Chapter Two:  How Do I Get Started?
Effective strategies for getting started with the ear prompter

Chapter Three:  When Can I Use The Ear Prompter?
Acting situations that are ideal for using the ear prompter

Chapter Four:  Components Of The System
All the equipment that you’ll need to become an ear prompter pro

Chapter Five:  Techniques That Work
Step by step instructions on how to effectively use the ear prompter

Chapter Six:  Auditioning With The Ear Prompter
How to best use the ear prompter for auditions

Chapter Seven:  Preparing For A Job
What to do after you book an ear prompter job

Chapter Eight:  Presentation On Camera
Here’s what to do when you are performing your presentation on the job

Chapter Nine:  Live Presentations
How to give live presentations using the ear prompter

Chapter Ten:  Dialogue and Co-Hosting
How to use the ear prompter when working with other actors

Chapter Eleven:  Best Ways To Practice
Proven practice techniques that work

Chapter Twelve:  Solving Problems
What to do when the unexpected happens

Chapter Thirteen:  Resources For Equipment and Training
The best sources for equipment and the best ear prompter teachers in the business
The ear prompter can open up a whole new world of possibilities for YOU in the acting business!
For trade shows, using the ear prompter is essential.
---Amy McWhirter

While most people are reading from the script, you present your script directly into camera as if you've memorized the material you just got a few minutes earlier.  You look like a real pro.
Having the ear prompter has definitely given me a competitive advantage in some tough auditions.
---Diana Jellinek
For auditions, the Earprompter changes everything!  When I go to an audition, I go in totally prepared.
---Brian Collins

There is a big demand for actors that can do industrial narration well.  Some of these jobs will offer a teleprompter for the talent to use, but there are limitations with the teleprompter that you just don't have with the ear prompter.  The ear prompter allows you to look away from camera whenever you need to without losing your place in the script.  You never have problems seeing the teleprompter because of poor vision or distance from the teleprompter.  Using the ear prompter can also save the production company the cost of renting a teleprompter and operator for the day.

  • Briefings

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Training Presentations

  • Television

  • Sales Presentations

  • Feature Films

  • Theater

  • News Reporter

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Toasts
The ear prompter is also great for...
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"Are you kidding?  You're giving them absolutely all the information they'll need to get started making more money as an actor using the ear prompter and you're only charging 39 bucks?"    ---Keith S.

"They'll make 20 times that amount on their first ear prompter job!"
---Brandon H.

You are minutes away from being on the road to new acting opportunities.
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Dennis Martin
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And, take a look at the Introduction of The Complete Ear Prompter Book!

In March of 1997 my agent in Cincinnati called me and said “We have a client that wants to book you for a job.  You do use the ear prompter don’t you?”  After what I hoped wasn’t too long a pause, I responded “yes”.  I was officially booked on my first ear prompter job.  Pretty exciting, huh?  Except for the fact that I had never used an ear prompter.  I didn’t even know where to get one.  Thankfully the job was a couple of weeks away.  I scrambled around and found a place to buy one and began practicing every day.  The job turned out to be a great learning experience and not my best work, but I survived with most of my dignity.

This is not the way I would recommend a person get started with the ear prompter.  There is quite a bit I could have benefited from a good ear prompter coach.  I’ve learned most of what I know about using an ear prompter from on-the-job experience.  This book will keep you from having to go through the same experience of learning the hard way.

Over the past twelve years I have worked just about every type of job in which one could use an ear prompter.  I have used it in auditions, commercials, industrial training videos, live presentations, master of ceremonies, etc.

I can honestly say that learning to use the ear prompter has made a larger impact on my career than anything I’ve done in my 19 years as an actor.  It has opened doors to opportunities I would not have had without that skill.  I immediately set myself apart from 95% of the talent pool.  While most people were struggling with auditions reading from the script I was presenting the script directly into camera as if I had memorized it in the few minutes prior to the audition. 

While most talent were struggling to present precisely timed material in a commercial, I was able to accurately present the script at the exact same length of time every time. 

While other talent would occasionally stumble because they forgot a line or a word of the script I was able to present the material accurately word for word every time.

I felt more confident than I ever had before.  That confidence showed when I auditioned and worked. 

In my first year using the ear prompter I doubled my income from the previous year.  My agents called me for jobs they never called me for before.  I booked a higher percentage of my auditions and performed better on the jobs I booked.